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Item Fee Remarks
Brokerage Commission Negotiable Minimum: HK$100 per transaction
SFC Transaction Levy 0.0027% of transaction amount  
HKEx Trading Fee 0.005% of transaction amount  
Stamp Duty on Stock Transaction 0.1% of transaction amount
  • Paid by both buyer & seller
  • Rounded up to the nearest dollar
CCASS Stock Settlement Fee 0.002% of gross value of an Exchange trade Maximum: HK$100, Minimum: HK$2
Trading Tariff HK0.5 per transaction waived by Tianda Securities
Item Fee Remarks
Physical Scrip Deposit Fee Waived  
Transfer Deed HK$5 per transfer deed  
Physical Scrip Withdrawal Fee CCASS Charge: HK$3.5 per board lot + Tianda Securities Handling fee: HK$1 per board lot Tianda Securities Handling Fee:
Minimum: HK$20
Stock Deposit via CCASS Settlement Instructions (SI) Waived  
Stock Withdrawal via CCASS Settlement Instructions (SI) 0.02% of total market value based on previous closing price Maximum: HK$500, Minimum: HK$50
Stock Deposit via CCASS Investor Settlement Instructions (ISI) Waived  
Stock Withdrawal via CCASS Investor Settlement Instructions (ISI) HK10 per transaction  
Compulsory Share Buy-back Fee Tianda Securities Handling fee: HK$100 + CCASS penalties & other related charges  
Stock Balance or Account Confirmation fee HK$100 per application
Paper Statement Service Fee HK$100 per month
Copies of Contract Note / Daily Statement / Monthly Statement (The Latest Three Months Waived) HK$100 per duplicate copy
Stock Custody Fee Waived
Item Fee Remarks
Scrip Fee (At Book Close Date) HK$1.5 per board lot Stocks stored in CCASS when issuing dividends
Collection Fee of Cash / Scrip Dividend 0.5% of dividend amount Minimum: HK$20
Collection Fee for Bonus Share HK$20 per stock  
Right Issue Entitlement Charge HK$100 per service+ CCASS Charge: HK$0.8 per board lot (per transaction)  
Fee for Right Exercise
Fee for Excess Rights Application
Cash Offer Charges
Special / Open / Unconditional Offer Charges
Fee for Tendering Shares under a Takeover Bid
Fee for Change of Registration at Share Registrar HK$5 per board lot Minimum: HK$20
Fee for Claiming Unclaimed Benefit Entitlements HK$300 per claim + CCASS & relevant service fees  
IPO Subscription Handling charge HK$100 per application
Financing Charge for Subscription of Securities Subject to market rate
Cash Account Overdue Interest Prime Rate + 6 % (Negotiable)
Margin Account Overdue Interest Prime Rate + 3 % (Negotiable)
Remittance CHATS (Local) : HK$100 per transaction
T/T (Overseas) : HK$200 + Bank Charges (charges will be deducted from T/T amount) per transaction
Bank Transfer Handling Charge (For Withdrawal) HK$100 per case
Returned Cheque Charge HK$100 per case
Over 1 Month Unknown Deposit Charge HK$50 per deposit

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